"I have always had a good level of fitness but have never felt I was hitting the levels I was really capable of.  I had got bored of my usual fitness routine and felt I had been doing the same moves and techniques for a long time, which made it more and more difficult to motivate myself.  I've been training with Jason for a period of just over 12 weeks now and I can't get over how much my training and fitness levels have changed.  The sessions are so diverse, each one is never the same, it's completely different to going to the gym and I feel more motivated.  He constantly challenges me but it's in a fun and enjoyable way.  His training techniques are so advanced, (I love functional training).  My core muscles are engaged in every single exercise which I've noticed has also improved my posture and my balance.

Jason also takes into account what my personal fitness needs are, rather than just dictating what he thinks I should be doing and is happy to fit around my busy life as a wife and mother. I have gone from a size 12 to a size 8 and am keeping my new shape with ease. The best part is that my energy levels are through the roof!

I have worked with other personal trainers before but training with Jason is on a completely different level, long may it continue!"

Vanessa Terry

Artist & Mother 

"I'm so happy with my training and the results I have been getting.  Jason's professional but fun approach makes exercising something I actually look forward to doing.  I'm smashing it!"


 Director of Licensing, Warner Music

"First PT with Jason, brilliant!"

                                                                                                                            Joe Beard

                                                                             On-site Project Manager

"I had been wanting to lose weight for a long time but as I had a fair amount to lose I had held back, I don't really like exercising and it seemed like an impossible mission.  I was introduced to Jason through a friend and he really took the time to talk to me and more importantly listen to me when we first spoke.  I'm really self conscious about my weight and at first struggled with that, but this didn't last long as Jason didn't make me feel bad about it, or my non existent fitness levels.  I am making really good progress and it's really encouraging to feel my clothes start to feel looser and not be so out of puff when I reach the top of the stairs.  I'm glad I took the  personal training route, Jason's encouragement and the results I am getting are really working for me ."



"I work as a teacher and it is quite a sedentary job.  I'm not great at self-motivating with exercise so I knew I wouldn't use the gym, but I wanted to improve my fitness levels.  My daughter bought me a 10 sessions package with Jason as a birthday gift 2 years ago and I've never looked back.  I enjoyed it so much more than I thought I would and I genuinely look forward to my weekly session.  We always end the session with some self defence moves which I literally can't wait to do."

                                                      P. D.


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